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Sam Andreae / alto saxophone
Cath Roberts / baritone saxophone and compositions
Anton Hunter / guitar
Seth Bennett / double bass
Johnny Hunter / drums



Watching Sloth Racket perform is a thrilling experience, conveying a palpable sense that the musicians are navigating the scores by the seat of their pants, making real-time group decisions that sculpt the compositions into unique shapes each time they’re played.’
– Daniel Spicer, The Wire, December 2021

Sloth Racket is a band of improvisers from London, Manchester and Dundee. Baritone saxophone player Cath Roberts creates scores that form the skeleton of the music, and the band constructs a collective sound out of those pages in the moment. Since forming in 2015 they have toured regularly and appeared at numerous UK festivals. The band released their fifth album Organising Space on the Luminous label in 2022.

Images: at Cafe Oto in March 2024 by Jonathan Crabb (top) and studio collage 2022 by Cath Roberts.