/ a room inside the internet


29th March 2021, 15:00-16:00 (UK time), here on this page.

A live audio stream from the final session of our online rehearsal project ‘A Room Inside The Internet’. From November to March, we played together online each month using JackTrip, trying out prototype scores created over the course of the project. In the livestream we’ll play a set of some of the new music in its current, work in progress form. The five band members are all in different locations and connected to a central server, our room inside the internet.

Cath Roberts  baritone saxophone, compositions
Sam Andreae  alto saxophone
Anton Hunter  guitar
Seth Bennett  double bass
Johnny Hunter  drums

Shout out to Tom Ward on the server wizardry, Noise Orchestra on the ANU creation, and Sam Andreae on the ANU wrangling. More about the background to this project can be found on Cath’s blog.